Bone Biology Laboratory

The HLKN Bone Biology Laboratory (BBL) is located in the contiguous rooms of the Old Heep Laboratory Building. The long-standing objective of the Bone Biology Laboratory is to understand the bone response to increased loading (exercise) or decreased loading (immobilization, microgravity) and to space radiation using an integrative physiology approach. Related lines of inquiry focus on nutritional (restricted caloric/ protein intake) and endocrine modifiers of the bone response to exercise and to simulated microgravity.
The BBL has extensive experience with the live animal procedures required for such projects, including resistance and endurance exercise paradigms, stimulated muscle contraction loading, hindlimb unloading, and partial weight bearing models. Bone integrity is evaluated with non-invasive imaging (DXA, pQCT, micro-CT), histomorphometric evaluation of bone cell activity and bone microarchitecture, immunostaining for protein localization, and direct evaluation of bone mechanical properties.
The BBL coordinates closely with the Bone Mechanics Laboratory headed by Dr. Harry Hogan of Texas A&M's Department of Mechanical Engineering. Joint laboratory projects involve physiology, nutrition, medical, and biomedical/mechanical engineering graduate students.