Caring for Families: Our Commitments

Date Approved: 
November 5, 2013
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The College of Education and Human Development has a vested interest in the career- long productivity of our faculty, staff members, and graduate assistants. To the extent allowable by law and TAMU policies and procedures, we commit to providing support for faculty, staff members’, and graduate assistants’ needs to care for their family (e.g., newborns, adopted children, elder family members, or extended illness of a child or spouse/partner).

The University, through existing policy, allows faculty and staff members to request paid time off to care for family members. In addition, there may be extenuating circumstances in which a flexible work plan would help faculty, staff, and graduate assistants meet their professional and personal responsibilities. Available leave under FMLA might be exhausted (or unavailable in the case of graduate assistants), or faculty, staff, and graduate assistants might need additional support in lieu of taking leave. In those instances, to the extent possible and consistent with University Rules, administrators within the College are encouraged to work within their communities to arrange work plans that provide faculty, staff, and graduate assistants with flexible ways of meeting their professional obligations. In all instances, departments must have adequate coverage and services must not be compromised.

Options for flexible accommodations might include adjusted teaching assignments for faculty; flex time and alternate work locations for staff; and a potential combination thereof for graduate assistants. In addition, a tenure track faculty member may also request an extension of the tenure clock (e.g., birth or adoption of a child, extended illness of a child or spouse/partner). Similarly, clinical faculty may request an extension to their third and five year reviews. Any decision regarding faculty reviews would need to be considered on an individual basis with support from the Department Head, Dean, and in the case of Promotion and Tenure Reviews, the Dean of Faculties and Associate Provost.

The following System Policies and University Rules will, in most cases, govern flexible work arrangements provided by the College:

  • 31.03.05 Family and Medical Leave
  • 12.01.99.M2 University Statement on Academic Freedom, Responsibility, Tenure, and Promotion 31.03.02.MI Sick Leave
  • 33.06 Hours of Work for Full-time Salaried Employees 33.06.01.M1 Flexible Work Schedule
  • 33.06.01.M1.01 Flexible Work Schedule Procedures 33.06.01.M0.01 Alternate Work Location

All flexible work accommodations must comply with Federal and State laws and University policy.

To determine the appropriate procedure for requesting flexible work accommodations, CEHD employees should contact the following administrators:

  • Faculty – Mary Alfred, Executive Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
  • Staff – Becky Carr, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
  • Graduate Assistants – George Cunningham, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 


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