Center Evaluation Protocol

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Evaluation Criteria: The following questions shall guide the center evaluation process: 

  1. Are the goals clearly defined for the center/institute? 
  2. What value does the center/institute add to the department, college, university, state, and/or nation? 
  3. Is the center/institute contributing to the accomplishment of priorities and goals of the college, department, and/or university without duplicating functions of other entities? 
  4. Is the center/institute generating external support? 
  5. Is the center/institute actively involved in research, new knowledge development, knowledge application, and/or knowledge dissemination? 
  6. Is the center/institute creating opportunities to support graduate students in CEHD? 
  7. Is the center/institute promoting diversity? 
  8. Has the center/institute made progress in accomplishing the stated goals? 
  9. Is the current leadership effective? 

Assessment Process: The followings steps shall guide the directors and evaluation committee in the review process: 

  1. The Associate Dean for Research will submit a request to the center/institute director to conduct an on‐line self‐assessment of the center/institute this individual directs by October 1. 
  2. The director will use the online assessment form to respond to the evaluation criteria by March 
  3. Once the online self‐evaluation has been completed and submitted, the chair of the oversight committee will arrange for the committee to meet and respond to the self‐evaluation using the online format by May 1. (add link to evaluators assessment page) 
  4. Once the online evaluation committee review is complete, the feedback will be electronically submitted to the Dean by May 1. 
  5. The dean will make a summative decision regarding the center and communicate this information to the director by June 1. 

Director Appointments: 

  • Terms of Appointment ‐ Directors will be appointed and/or reappointed by the Dean in consultation with the department head.  
  • Selection Process ‐ Prior to either an initial appointment or any subsequent reappointment to a new five‐year term, the appointment under consideration will be reviewed by the Dean of Education. In the event that the new Director is to be named following the assessment outlined in this protocol, recommendations from the report developed by the center evaluation oversight committee will be reviewed for the succeeding center director or processed to follow in the identifying the new director. 
  • Performance Evaluations ‐ Each director should receive annual performance reviews (e.g., A‐2) in accordance with college and university policies and procedures.