Climate and Diversity

Diversity dimensions and differences can impact access, equity, outcomes, work and academic environments. The complexities of serving the needs of an ever-changing and diverse community remain ever present, and it is the mission and commitment of the college to support the development of individuals to learn, educate, discover, serve and lead in a culture of diversity. The Office of Organization Development and Diversity Initiatives (ODDI) provides oversight, leadership and support so the college can continue to fulfill its mission of creating an equitable climate where faculty, students and staff can thrive.

Leadership & Support

ODDI provides support and leadership to college administration, faculty, staff and students.

  • Committee on Diversity Initiatives (CoDI)
  • CoDI subcommittees: Communications, Evaluation and Sustainability, Leadership, Education and Trust Building
  • Departmental and dean’s office climate and diversity committees
  • Individual and group consultation

Activities & Resources

ODDI creates awareness of climate, diversity and equity activities through workshops, programs, reports and other resources.

Breakdown of CEHD

CEHD has 6143 students, 200 faculty and 138 staff. Of the faculty, 97 are tenure and 103 are non-tenure track. Nine staff members are being trained by be ombudspersons. There are 189 graduate students. CEHD has 47 racial/ethnically diverse faculty, and 288 racial/ethnically diverse undergraduate FTIC.


Dr. Nancy Hutchins, Assistant Director, Organization Development and Diversity Initiatives - Office of the Dean