Course Buy-Out

Date Approved: 
March 5, 2006
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  1. There is some merit in achieving consistency in course buy-out policy across departments within the College.
  2. The current system emphasizing negotiation with one's department head is problematic, especially for junior faculty.
  3. Absolutely equivalent policies in course buy-out procedures are not possible given the large differences in types of funding and costs of replacing teaching faculty across the different departments.

The CEHD Council of PIs, therefore, proposes this statement of principles to be followed by each department in formulating its individual course buy-out policy:

  1. The current proportions of distribution of total salary savings to department and PI (55% and 25%, respectively) should be retained
  2. If no expenditures are required to cover the teaching of bought-out course(s), then all salary savings costs (minus the College portion, 20%) should be distributed between the department and PI, as stipulated above.
  3. The actual replacement costs for hiring an adjunct faculty, e.g., to teach the bought-out course(s) should be used to calculate what salary savings are "left over" for distribution between department and PI.
  4. The faculty member's contribution (from his/her 25% share of total salary savings) toward actual teaching replacement costs should not exceed 50% of those replacement costs.
  5. Each department's policy should be transparent and available for all faculty to read on a departmental website or equivalent.