Exercise & Sport Nutrition Laboratory

The Exercise & Sports Nutrition Lab (ESNL) evaluates the interaction between exercise and nutrition on health, disease and human performance. The lab’s mission is to help disseminate research findings to the scientific and lay communities through research presentations, publications, media interviews and individual and group counseling.
Research capabilities include Anaerobic Capacity Testing, Blood Assessment (clinical chemistries, hormone analyses, immune analyses, gene expression), Blood Collection (finger stick, venipuncture, indwelling catheters), Body Composition Assessment, Bone Density Assessment, Cardiopulmonary/ECG Exercise Testing, Endurance Performance Testing, Exercise Training Facilities (on or off site), Muscle Biopsies (fiber diameter, substrates, muscle proteins, etc), Nutrition Analysis, Resting Energy Expenditure, Strength Testing (Isokinetic & Isotonic) and Total Body Water Assessment (BIA).
Among various research projects, the laboratory is in partnership with Curves® for Women and has studies underway to examine the efficacy of Curves for Women Fitness & Weight Loss Program in healthy and medically managed special populations and the elderly. Other studies underway are examining the effects of Curves computerized equipment on training outcomes; the effects of two popular diets on weight loss and health outcomes in women; the effects of different forms of creatine during resistance training on muscle hypertrophy and creatine transport mechanisms; and, the effects of ingesting various nutrients after heavy resistance training on protein synthesis pathways.

Center Location: 
675 John Kimbrough Blvd., Suite 125
Center Phone: 
(979) 458-1498