Incomplete Grade Report

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 A temporary grade of I (Incomplete) at the end of a semester or summer term indicates that the student (graduate or undergraduate) has completed the course with the exception of a major quiz, final examination or other work. The instructor shall give this grade only when the deficiency is due to an authorized absence or other cause beyond the control of the student. When an instructor reports an incomplete grade to the registrar, he or she will fill out an “Incomplete Grade Report,” which is filed with the department head. Copies are sent to the student and to the student’s academic Dean or designee. This report includes (1) a statement of the instructor’s reason for awarding the incomplete grade and (2) a statement concerning the remaining work to be completed before the last day of scheduled classes of the next fall or spring semester in which the student enrolls in the university unless the student’s academic Dean or designee, with the consent of the instructor (in the absence of the instructor, the department head), grants an extension of time for good reason. If the incomplete work is not completed within this time or if the student registers for the same course again, the ‘I’ will be changed to an F by the registrar. Grades of I assigned to 684 (Professional Internship), 691 (Research), 692 (Professional Study) or 693 (Professional Study) are excluded from this rule. 


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