University Studies

Concentrations: Dance, Child Professional Services, Sports Conditioning and Sports Leadership

Provides students who are in good academic standing with the university (2.0+ GPR) and who are specifically seeking an interdisciplinary degree the flexibility to create individualized degree plans at Texas A&M. University Studies degree options are offered by each of the colleges and provide additional access to college-specific courses that may have restricted admission.

Each University Studies degree includes the following components:

  • 43 - 45 hours - Texas A&M core curriculum courses
  • 21 - 24 hours - Primary area or concentration
  • 15 - 18 hours - Minor that may or may not be in the same college as the concentration
  • 15 - 18 hours - Minor that is not in the same college as the concentration
  • 15 - 26 hours - Electives or prerequisite requirements for required courses in the concentration or minors
  • 120 hours - Total hours

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The Child Professional Services concentration does not allow students to seek teacher certification; however, it prepares individuals to work with children in various organizations which support youth development.

The Dance Concentration provides preparation in dance history and production. Students complete courses in the foundations of dance, dance production and dance composition and techniques courses in various forms of dance.

This concentration of the University Studies program prepares students for entry level positions in the fitness and strength and conditioning fields.