Climate and Diversity

Diversity dimensions and differences can impact access, equity, outcomes, work and academic environments. The complexities of serving the needs of an ever-changing and diverse community remain ever present, and it is the mission and commitment of the college to support the development of individuals to learn, educate, discover, serve and lead in a culture of diversity. The Office of Organization Development and Diversity Initiatives (ODDI) provides oversight, leadership and support so the college can continue to fulfill its mission of creating an equitable climate where faculty, students and staff can thrive.

Defining Our Commitment 

The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) is committed to the continuous improvement of climate, providing an inclusive and equitable environment where all have the opportunity to succeed. Aligned with the Texas A&M University (TAMU) Diversity Plan, CEHD’s Strategic Plan Goal 5 - Enhance, Recognize, and Reward Diversity and a Climate of Inclusion, Equity, and Respect for Students, Faculty, and Staff and overarching diversity goals to Build Organizational Capacity, Build Individual Capacity, and Engage in Systematic Accountability Measures provide the framework necessary to strategically implement initiatives focused on:

  • Collaborating with university, college, and unit leadership
  • Supporting engagement efforts of deans, department heads, climate committee chairs, and student leaders
  • Communicating climate efforts internally, across campus, and with the broader community


ODDI actively engages College leadership and its constituents in creating a Culture of Excellence through pedagogies, practices, and programs that result in an effective, welcoming environment that fosters a climate of equity and inclusion.

Leadership & Support

Initiatives are developed and implemented in collaboration with:


Services and supports to build individual and organizational capacity for climate, diversity, equity, and inclusion include:

  • Educational and Professional Development
  • Sponsorship and Funding
  • Workshops and Lecture Series
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Assessment and Evaluation

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