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Human Resource Development


Cultivating Hispanics and African Americans’ Reading, Math and Science (CHARMS) is a research program funded by the National Science Foundation and is led by Dr. Pat Larke. The program’s purpose is to examine national and state achievement data of third, fourth and fifth-grade African American and Hispanic elementary students. The program also hosts an annual CHARMS conference for teachers, administrators and parents.

KATE Project

The Knowledge for Algebra Teaching for Equity (KATE) Project is funded by the National Science Foundation since September 2011. This research project enriches the education of STEM teachers by using emergent technology to provide pre-service middle school mathematics teachers early teaching experiences that address topics in algebra and equity. In particular, the research team at Texas A&M University is using Second Life and other technology to structure carefully planned learning experiences for pre-service teachers.


Aggie STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is a partnership of the College of Education and Human Development and the Dwight Look College of Engineering at Texas A&M Univeristy. Aggie STEM has now expanded to reach numerous T-STEM Academies and Texas independent school districts. Aggie STEM researches, creates and provides research-based professional development and other services for high-quality, secondary-level STEM teaching and learning.


The Policy Research Initiative in Science Education (PRISE) is an innovative science education research project that seeks to improve teaching and learning in high school science classrooms. The project uses a systems approach to link prior research findings with mixed-methods research techniques. Results from using a systems approach to policy research inform the development of policies and practices related to the teacher professional continuum for science teachers.

Middle School Mathematics Project

The Middle School Mathematics Project (MSMP) team studies how to provide, on a large scale, the professional development and continuing support teachers need to improve student achievement in mathematics. Over five years of a longitudinal study, the team will examine how the use of specific research-based instructional strategies in the classroom, supported by professional development and highly rated curriculum materials, are related to lasting improvements in student learning.

Education Research Center

The Education Research Center (ERC) at Texas A&M University studies major issues in education reform and school governance. The mission of the ERC is to investigate these issues in order to inform educational policy, facilitate decision-making, and improve student learning. The ERC's interdisciplinary team of researchers has distributed expertise in a broad range of research methods, analytical skills and specialized content areas.


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