Recruiting & Hiring Non-Tenure Track Part-Time/Temporary (Adjunct) Faculty

Date Approved: 
September 4, 2012
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To guide the process for soliciting, collecting, sorting, and selecting part-time/temporary Faculty, we will adhere to the following guidelines.

Each department head will submit a request for approval to hire in the summer prior to the academic year. The request will be made to the Dean of Faculties and Associate Provost, through the Dean, listing the number of part-time/temporary faculty anticipated in each of the faculty titles for the coming year. Possible titles are Assistant Adjunct Professor, Associate Adjunct Professor, and Full Adjunct Professor; Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, and Senior Lecturer; Visiting Assistant Professor, Visiting Associate Professor, and Visiting Full Professor.

For ongoing marketing, the department will post its position vacancies on its departmental website by creating a link to the job search announcement.  As applications are received, each one is logged on the Applicant Tracking Log Report found on the DOF website at

As job openings become available in selected programs, the department head will authorize the program faculty under the leadership of the program coordinator to review the existing pool of candidates. If there are a limited number of qualified candidates among the existing pool, the program can engage in targeted solicitations and invite more qualified individuals to apply.  

A committee (program faculty) reviews the applications, interviews applicants (by phone or in person), and selects the one most qualified from the applicant pool.  

Suggested criteria for selection (Department can provide their own weight to each of these criteria):

  • Content knowledge
  • Firsthand knowledge or supporting evidence of teaching effectiveness
  • Good understanding of program area and needs of students
  • Experience in working with diverse populations

The department must be able to provide evidence that the individual selected was the most qualified for the job.  Therefore, accurate records must be maintained of the hiring process:

  • Tracking log of applications received
  • Applicants considered
  • Selection criteria and weighted average
  • Finalist, offer letter, hiring document

All documentation must be held by the academic hiring department for 2 years from the date of hire (section 5 of TAMU rule 12.99.99.M1).