Salary Savings Distributions

Date Approved: 
May 14, 2007
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This statement of principles is to be followed by each CEHD department in formulating its individual course buy-out policy and how salary savings are to be distributed:

  1. Any salary savings generated by external funding returned to the College will be distributed using these guidelines:

    1. the Dean's Office will retain 20%; the remaining 80% will be sent to the PI's department;
    2. if any expenditure by the department is required to hire adjunct faculty for course PI is buying out is incurred, this amount will be subtracted from the 80% of salary savings left after the Dean's Office share;
    3. from the funds remaining after the Dean's 20% and any course replacement costs are subtracted, 33% will be awarded to the PI and 67% to the PI's department.
  2. Principal investigators, and particularly junior faculty, are encouraged to discuss with their department head any proposed exceptions to departmental course buy-out policy in order to accomplish the work scope of the project within budget limitations.
  3. Each department's policy (on dollars required on grant budgets for course buyout and the manner in which salary savings will be distributed) should be clearly articulated, accompanied by a numerical example illustrating the policy and available for all faculty to read on a departmental website.