Virtual Instructor Certificate Program

Note: VICP is no longer accepting applications for 2017.

The Virtual Instructor Certificate Program (VICP) is a six-week course delivered completely online. The course prepares participants to design, develop, and manage an online course.  During the course participants learn best practices in online course design and the importance of alignment, explore a variety of issues facing online instructors, discover ways to effectively design and develop online instruction, as well as socially construct new ideas through continuous communication with peers and instructors.  VICP is unique in its hands-on component where participants design and develop an online module using a course management system. Upon completion of the program participants are awarded a certificate for 60 hours of professional development.

VICP is a TEA approved professional development provider.  This course is specially designed to support Texas educators seeking to teach in the Texas Virtual Schools Network. Prior to teaching courses offered via the TxVSN, teachers are required to take TxVSN-approved professional development, such as VICP, that specifically focuses on learning to teach effectively in the online environment.

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