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Dr. Craig makes AERA history, wins two awards

Dr. Craig makes AERA history, wins two awards
April 12, 2021 SEHD Communications

Dr. Craig makes AERA history, wins two awards

Dr. Cheryl J. Craig made history at this year’s American Educational Research Association annual meeting as the first person to win two prestigious awards from AERA.

Craig, professor in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture, was selected as a recipient of AERA Division K Teaching and Teacher Education’s 2021 Legacy Award and the 2021 Exemplary Research in Teaching and Teacher Education Award.

“I am very honored to be the recipient of these two prestigious awards. Never did I imagine I would receive both simultaneously and leave an imprint–if only for a moment–in AERA history,” said Craig. “I am thankful to the many teacher and principal participants in the urban schools where I have conducted my research studies. They have provided a never-ending stream of research topics in which to inquire.  Thanks also is extended to my colleagues–in my department, college and afar–who have always supported my work, most especially the School Portfolio Group, the Faculty Academy and my research team.”

The Exemplary Research in Teaching and Teacher Education Award recognizes the significant contribution to teaching and teacher education scholarship represented by a journal article or book. Craig’s article “Data is [G]od: The influence of cumulative policy reforms on teachers’ knowledge in an urban middle school in the United States” was chosen as the top submission.

“The award committee especially recognized the innovative approach Dr. Craig employed to study how policy interacts with schools and the mediating role of school authorities in its enactment over time. The committee noted that Dr. Craig’s narrative approach produced richly textured portraits of teachers’ lives and work that can provide the basis for rethinking how policies might better support teachers’  professionalism.” said Dorothea Anagnostopoulos, Vice President, AERA Division K, Teaching and Teacher Education.

The Division K Legacy Award recognizes senior members of Division K who have made significant and exemplary contributions to the field of teaching and teacher education through their research, teaching and professional service. The award committee noted the impact of Craig’s narrative research on the understanding of teaching and teachers’ work.

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