Differential Tuition

What is differential tuition for students in the College of Education and Human Development?

Differential tuition is an additional semester charge that pays for educational enhancements to the undergraduate students in teacher preparation degree plans within the college.

What does differential tuition cover?

Structured field experiences

Structured, supervised field experiences prior to student teaching provide pre-service teachers the opportunity to match theory and practice through real classroom experiences. The costs associated with structured supervised field experiences include providing TAMU personnel to coordinate field placement, field supervisors and supervised experiences.

International/Domestic experiences in culturally diverse settings

The changing world has resulted in changing demands on our graduates as they pursue their teaching careers. Differential tuition provides college undergraduate students in teacher preparation programs opportunities to be exposed to diverse populations and cultures in international and/or urban areas. By participating in international/urban experiences in culturally diverse settings, teacher education students gain an awareness of different cultural perspectives that they will experience in their future classrooms.

Financial aid and target scholarships

As per the university requirement, 20% of the revenue generated through differential tuition will be set aside for need-based scholarships.

Who is impacted by differential tuition?

The differential tuition rate is $300 per semester applicable to all students to support academic initiatives like structured field experiences, international and domestic experiences, financial aid and target scholarships.