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Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advising

The primary purpose of academic advising at Texas A&M University is to assist students in their development of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their personal abilities and goals. The ultimate responsibility for making decisions about personal goals and educational plans rests with the individual student.

Our advisors can help you with: Degree requirements, course load and options, transfer requirements, and other general advising information.

Appointment Policies

Scheduled Appointments
  • All scheduled appointments will be conducted face-to-face or virtually via Zoom; you have the option to choose which when scheduling your appointment
  • Appointments are scheduled online via Navigate (Howdy>My Record Tab>Schedule Advising Appointment)
  • Appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes and must be made a minimum of one (1) day in advance. Appointments cannot be scheduled more than one week in advance.
  • Students will be sent directions on how to attend the meeting in the confirmation email received after scheduling an appointment. Directions include the check in location for a face-to-face and the Zoom link for a virtual appointment.

Walk-In Appointments

  • Walk-in advising will be held from 8:30 – 11 am each Friday
  • Students can attend walk-ins in a face-to-face or virtual format
    • Face-to-face – held in GGB 145 for KNSM majors and EDCT 112 for TLAC, EPSY, & HRDV majors
    • Virtual – All majors access using following Zoom link
  • All walk-in students will be seen on a first come first served basis, regardless of which format a student chooses to attend
  • The virtual walk-in link will only be monitored during walk-in hours on Friday mornings
  • Walk-ins may be cancelled for emergencies or required prior obligation. Students are encouraged to call the front desk before attending to confirm walk-in availability
Appointment Etiquette
  • Arrive on time for appointment & wear appropriate attire
  • Come prepared to the advising appointment with questions and/or concerns
  • Sign into Zoom using your correct full first and last name
  • Have an appropriate background
  • We recommend you have your camera on in virtual appointments to foster a more personalized interaction and connection with your advisor
  • Students who are operating a moving vehicle will be required to reschedule their appointment
No Shows and Cencellations
  • Failure to attend a scheduled appointment within 15 minutes of the start time will result in a “No Show,” and it will need to be rescheduled
  • If you cannot attend a scheduled appointment, cancel through Navigate at least 24 hours in advance
Email Etiquette
E-mail is the primary method of communication utilized by your academic advisor; therefore, we ask that you consider the following when sending an e-mail:
  • Always include your first name, last name and UIN
  • Include a brief reason for your e-mail in the subject
  • Do not reply to a mass email; begin a new email
  • Do not forward your email to another account (i.e., yahoo, g-mail, etc.)
  • Only email advisors from your TAMU account
  • Please allow 24-48 business hours for a response
  • Do not use abbreviated texting language
  • Use appropriate, professional language
  • Do not resend the same email multiple times
Key Dates
Search “Academic Calendar” on the Texas A&M website for information regarding:
  • Registration dates
  • Drop and withdrawal deadlines
  • Campus holidays
  • Final exams
  • Grade postings
Busy Times
Due to our volume of students, it may be more difficult to secure an appointment during certain times of the year:
  • Week before classes start
  • First week of classes
  • Around Q-Drop Deadline
  • Weeks preceding registration
  • Departmental Deadlines
  • End of Semester Processing

Advising Office Contacts

Gilchrist Advising Office (GGB 145)

Majors: KINE (AEP, BEP, EST, ETR & MTB) and SPMT
Phone Number: 979-845-4530

Harrington Advising Office (EDCT 112)

Majors: TLAC (EC3, ENS, MTS & PK6), EPSY (BLE & ESP) and HDRV
Phone Number: 979-862-4345

SEHD Advisors

Ms. Kayla McGee ’13, M.S.
Associate Director for Undergraduate Academic Operations
Mr. Kasey McCarthy, M.A.
Academic Advisor IV
  • Applied Exercise Physiology
  • Basic Exercise Physiology
Ms. Jenny Folsom ‘08
Academic Advisor IV
  • Teaching, Learning and Culture (Last Names: D-L)
Ms. Kaitlyn Hiney ’15, M.A
Academic Advisor IV
  • Exercise and Sport Science
  • Motor Behavior (Last Names: K-O)
  • Coaching Minor
Mr. Charles Otto
Academic Advisor III
  • Teaching, Learning and Culture (Last Names: M-S)
Ms. Katie Coley ‘18
Academic Advisor III
  • Special Education
  • Bilingual Education
  • Human Resource Development (Last Names: S-Z)
  • Creative Studies & Special Education Minors
Mr. Antwone Woods ‘10
Academic Advisor II
  • Sport Management (Last Names: A-C & S-Z)
  • Sport Management Minor
Ms. Frances Fuller ‘21
Academic Advisor II
  • BS/MS in KINE & Athletic Training (3+2)
  • Motor Behavior (Last Names: P-Z)
Mr. Chris Reyes ‘09
Academic Advisor II
  • Teaching, Learning and Culture (Last Names: A-C & T-Z)
  • McAllen: Teaching, Learning and Culture
Ms. ‘Chon Anderson ‘17
Academic Advisor II
  • Human Resource Development (Last Names: A-R)
  • McAllen: Human Resource Development
  • Human Resource Development Minor
Mr. Charles Hegemeyer
Academic Advisor I
  • Motor Behavior (Last Names: A-J)
Mrs. Taylor Mansfield
Academic Advisor I
  • Sport Management (Last Names: D-R)

McAllen Students

Appointment Scheduling

Virtual Appointments Only

  • Students in McAllen will follow the same appointment policies as students in College Station which are listed above
  • McAllen students have yearlong access to all the virtual advising options with their departmental advisor and this should be the primary way in which students will receive academic advising

Email Etiquette

  • E-mail is the primary method of communication utilized by your academic advisor; therefore, we ask that you consider the following when sending an e-mail:
    • Include your first name, last name, major, and UIN in every email
    • Allow 24-48 business hours for a response
    • Only email advisors from your TAMU account
    • Do not forward your email to another account (i.e., yahoo, g-mail, etc.)
    • Use appropriate, professional language

Contact Information

Human Resource Development

  • HRDV Advisor: ‘Chon Anderson (
  • Phone Number: 979-862-4345
  • Appointments & Walk-ins – see “Appointment Policies” section above for details

Teaching, Learning and Culture

  • TLAC Advisor: Chris Reyes (
  • Phone Number: 979-862-4345
  • Appointments & Walk-ins – see “Appointment Policies” section above for details

If a student has an emergency and is in need of immediate face to-face advising, they can reach out to the advisor below located in HECM. Note this contact is for emergencies, and students should always attempt to contact their assigned departmental advisor first before reaching out to the HECM advisor.

Emergency Contact

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