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Aggie Teacher’s Approach to Literacy Inspires Fellow Educators

Aggie Teacher’s Approach to Literacy Inspires Fellow Educators
May 6, 2024 Julieanna Diaz

Aggie Teacher’s Approach to Literacy Inspires Fellow Educators

Abby Ramos Stanutz ’05 understood the importance of engaging with students from a young age. “I wanted to be the type of teacher who would be there for kids like me – the ones who felt unseen,” she shared. Ramos Stanutz’s desire to help students succeed and feel supported led her to our School and a teaching approach that earned her awards and has other educators seeking her advice.

Growing up in an Aggie family, it was no surprise that Ramos Stanutz attended Texas A&M University. As a student in our School, she gained student-teaching experience through Tomball ISD and learned about connecting with students from faculty members Dorothy Van Riper and Dr. Karla Eidson. In 2005, she earned her degree in interdisciplinary studies and became certified to teach Middle Grades 4-8 Language Arts/Social Studies.

Ramos Stanutz used her education and influences to apply a unique approach at Longfellow Middle School in San Antonio — allowing her students to choose their books rather than rely on assigned reading. She wanted to show her students how important literacy is in their lives. “Through trial and error, I saw results,” Ramos Stanutz said, adding her time at Texas A&M gave her an edge in knowing how to create lesson plans.

Ramos Stanutz’s goal of making education more engaging and personal for students met immediate success, with TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) scores at Longfellow Middle School reaching an 80% passing rate — a substantial increase from previous years. “Ms. Ramos’ expectations that her students could and would read texts and engage in literacy activities at levels typically expected of students enrolled in affluent schools led many of her students to make the efforts necessary to meet her expectations,” Fred Schwab, an instructional coach at Longfellow, said.

Ramos Stanutz’s impact extends beyond her students. During the pandemic, she created the “Reading with Ramos” page on TikTok to address some of the challenges teachers faced with remote learning. What started as a means of sharing teaching strategies quickly amassed nearly 15,000 followers, with teachers across the country seeking her input. Ramos Stanutz has also been featured on several podcasts and articles and contributed a chapter in a book by George Couros titled “What Makes a Great Principal.”

San Antonio ISD recognized Ramos Stanutz’s efforts in 2023 with their Middle School and District Teacher of the Year awards. She hopes to continue helping other educators who seek her advice. “There will always be issues and tough days, but we have to be those teachers that stand up for ourselves and the kids in our classrooms,” Ramos Stanutz said. “We aren’t just teachers; we are leaders.”

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