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Texas A&M to host iTP3 Innovation Summit in May

Texas A&M to host iTP3 Innovation Summit in May
April 18, 2019 SEHD Communications

Texas A&M to host iTP3 Innovation Summit in May

The Innovative Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs (iTP3) project at Texas A&M University will host the 2019 Innovation Summit on May 15-16 in San Antonio, Texas. Registration is open to the public until April 19.

“This conference will be an opportunity for those that are interested in innovation to learn about cutting edge tools and engage in new strategies they can apply to their teen pregnancy prevention work,” said Jennifer Farmer, iTP3 Program Director.

iTP3 supports the development of progressive ideas with the potential to transform the future of teen pregnancy prevention. In their first ever conference, they will host speakers and workshops with an emphasis on design thinking and systems thinking.

Jennifer Farmer said systems thinking acknowledges there are multiple factors that contribute to teen pregnancy, and that the individual is not solely responsible.

“Systems thinking allows you to step back from the individual and consider the larger systems that are in place,” Farmer said. “This approach helps program developers focus on enhancing the social and environmental systems that help youth determine if and when they will become pregnant.”

The summit is part of the culmination of a five-year grant awarded to iTP3 in 2015 by the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Adolescent Health ending in June 2020.

“This summit is an opportunity to help us transition, not just as a project team, but the field in general to help people learn from what we have experienced and hopefully inspire the field to continue moving in that direction,” Farmer said.

Summit attendees will hear from iTP3’s current grantees, or ‘innovators’ on how they have developed innovative programs to prevent teen pregnancy in their communities.

“Spotlighting our innovators will be really impactful because it will give them a platform to inspire others in our field,” Farmer said.

The 2019 Innovation Summit is co-hosted by Innovation Next, a program of Power to Decide.

Learn more about the 2019 Innovation Summit.

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