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CEHD Welcomes Its First Transformational Fellows

CEHD Welcomes Its First Transformational Fellows
December 14, 2016 SEHD Communications

CEHD Welcomes Its First Transformational Fellows

The College of Education and Human Development has welcomed its first set of graduates of the new Transformational Fellows Program. The new fellowship program is centered on building student leaders through academics leadership and high-impact learning experiences. Farhan Hasham ‘16 and Selena Mares ‘16 are graduates of the first cohort and both joined the program during their final semesters at Texas A&M.

Hasham, a Human Resource Development major, is an active and engaged student on campus. He has taken advantage of many educational opportunities throughout his academic career including: serving as a resident advisor for The Department of Residence Life, a Huddle Leader for Project Sunshine, and completing over 400 hours of community service.

“This program has gotten me to challenge myself to be and do better,” Hasham said. “At the end of the day, I feel that the each milestone has worked off of the other in helping me learn how to stand out from others.”

Hasham is also a U.S. Navy Reserves Logistics Specialist and has participated in study abroad opportunities in Costa Rica and through writing his own research thesis entitled “From the Job Applicants Viewpoint, What Are the Perpetual Differences Between Video & Telephone Screening”.

Mares, also a Human Resource Development major, is a Regent Scholar who has served in various leadership positions while at Texas A&M. Some of her many involvement includes: coordinator for the Student Conference on Latino Affairs (SCOLA), Maroon & White Leadership Fellow, Peer Leadership and Service Program Peer Leader and Executive Director, and Vice President for Education and Human Development Aggie Career Team.

“I think that I definitely walked away with an added awareness and confidence in my leadership,” Mares said. “All of the opportunities that I got to participate in helped shape me and gave me skills to apply to my career.”

Selena has also worked with Aggies 2 Aggies, facilitating workshops and providing presentations for students on topics of diversity and inclusion. Mares joined the Fellows Program as a way to continue enriching her experiences as a student.

“I saw joining this program as an another opportunity to learn and grow. Seeking mentorship is a good idea but you just have to be willing to be open minded enough to give it a try,” Mares said.

More information about the Transformational Fellows Program can be found on the program website.

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