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Dr. Dirani’s New Book Gives Insight Into Cultural Leadership

Dr. Dirani’s New Book Gives Insight Into Cultural Leadership
February 2, 2017 SEHD Communications

Dr. Dirani’s New Book Gives Insight Into Cultural Leadership

In January Associate Professor Dr. Khalil Dirani published a book titled Leadership Development in Emerging Market Economies. In the book, Dr. Dirani and his co-authors explain how the book’s message is to help fellow educators understand the meaning of leadership and what it’s like throughout other countries.

“It’s a wonderful collaboration with my colleagues,” said Dr. Dirani. “I think people can use the book as a textbook or reference to understand different cases of other countries,” remarked Dirani.

The book is split into sections that feature specific world regions and economies.

Dr. Dirani’s research is a widely cast across the globe, but he likes to focus on the main regions of the Middle East and Northern Africa, which are both featured in his book.

“Every country or region has its own characteristics to understanding. So if you are a foreigner going in there, it is important to understand the culture and understand how they define leadership,” said Dr. Dirani.

According to Dr. Dirani, it is important to have an open mind when it comes to leadership elsewhere due to contradicting policies and guidelines throughout other countries. Developing a deep understanding for their practices of leadership is the best approach to operating in other countries and to developing leaders, he said.

More information about Dr. Dirani’s book can be found on the book publishing website.

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