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Dr. Krista Bailey Appointed As New SAAHE Director

Dr. Krista Bailey Appointed As New SAAHE Director
January 4, 2017 SEHD Communications

Dr. Krista Bailey Appointed As New SAAHE Director

Student Affairs in Higher Education Administration (SAAHE) has appointed Clinical Associate Professor Dr. Krista Bailey as its new program director. Dr. Bailey’s past work in the SAAHE program contributes to the insight she plans to bring to the position.

“As a department, we are fortunate to have attracted Dr. Bailey from the Division of Student Affairs,” said EAHR Department Head Dr. Fred Nafukho. “Fortunately in her role as faculty and director of the SAAHE program, she gets to work very closely with the Division of Student Affairs.”

Dr. Bailey teaches EAHR graduate courses in student affairs administration. She views student affairs as an applied field built on individual student experiences and wants to focus such experiences to move SAAHE students forward.

“I want to help students to become good scholars by taking their own experiences and applying it to the content knowledge that makes them be successful. I believe that the role of student affairs is to help educate students and help them achieve the mission and goal of the academic institution. My overarching goal is that graduates of our program are able to go out and be effective student affairs practitioners,” Dr. Bailey said.

As a former graduate of the SAAHE program, Dr. Bailey views her new position as a way of coming full circle within the program. Her aim is to continue to influence the work she once benefited from as a student.

“I think having been a student in the program and having been an administrator working with students gives me multiple lenses to approach the strengths of the program,” she said. “At the same time, I’d like to spend the first year understanding those nuances and seeing what the opportunities of improvement that I can articulate.”

The SAAHE program offers students an in-depth business experience through its practicum work. Students develop a strong perspective in and out of the classroom that benefit the transition to employment. Dr. Bailey wants to continue to cultivate the experience for both students and associated professional businesses.

“Most of our students go on and go straight to our professions and we want their future employers to look back and recognize our reputation,” she said. “If our graduates can walk away with that kind of reputation then we have really succeeded as a program.”

More information about the SAAHE program can be found on the program page.

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