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TESOL Certificate program begins at Texas A&M

TESOL Certificate program begins at Texas A&M
September 3, 2019 SEHD Communications

TESOL Certificate program begins at Texas A&M

With the goal of creating world-class teachers around the world, the Center for Research in Dual Language and Literacy Acquisition launched the first cohort for Texas A&M’s TESOL certificate program.

The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages certificate is an internationally recognized qualification for English language teachers. Through the new offering at Texas A&M, teachers from different parts of the world can take an online, self-paced course which certifies them to teach English online or in different countries around the world.

“Our goal is to provide high-quality teacher training courses for English language learners so they can help the large population of English language learners in Texas, the United States and the world,” said Amin Davoodi, TESOL certificate program coordinator.

The first cohort includes 35 students from more than 20 countries. One of the participants said the program has already changed her life.

“I was a struggling student/teacher working in a developing Middle Eastern country and desperately trying to find work in the United Arab Emirates. Prior to joining this program, I had applied to more than 10 schools in Dubai and not one had accepted me,” said Yvette Rizcallah, a teacher from Lebanon. “The minute I sent a CV which included a pending teaching certificate from CRDLLA at Texas A&M University, a school reached out to me and offered me a job.”

“If people have the desire to teach, they should also have the opportunity,” said Dr. Matthew Etchells, director of education outreach, marketing and communications for CRDLLA. “This research-developed TESOL certificate provides that opportunity.”

Davoodi said the CRDLLA program is unique because the course was developed based on evidence from federally-funded research projects conducted by faculty in CRDLLA. 

There are three levels available: 120 hours, 130 hours and 150 hours. Each is self-paced and includes theories of language learning, strategies, lesson planning and classroom management.

Trainers at Texas A&M will also assist with job applications and provide continuing professional development.

“It is extremely hard for a teacher who graduated from a developing country to find a job outside his/her country. Certificates like TESOL not only improve the teacher’s credentials, but also raise his/her chances of working at a good school overseas,” said Rizcallah.

You do not have to be a native English speaker to enroll and having a teaching certification is not required. For more information about the certificate, visit

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