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CEHD Student Selected As University Scholar

CEHD Student Selected As University Scholar
September 14, 2016 SEHD Communications

CEHD Student Selected As University Scholar

The College of Education and Human Development has a new representative in the University Scholars program. Ecaroh Jackson, a sophomore B.S. in Education major, was recently selected as part of the University Scholars class of 2019.

Each spring, a new cohort of high-achieving and motivated freshmen is invited to join the leadership and professional development program. Over the next three years, these students will serve as ambassadors for the University Honors program, receive a $6,000 scholarship and enroll in Exploration Series seminars together.

The Exploration Series was launched two years ago as a way for students to explore topics in the news, academia and in the community. The seminars are small discussion groups that meet weekly with the program coordinator and other experts.

“The Honors program enriches your education. To me it’s not just a challenge, it’s a fun challenge,” explained Jackson. “I think I’ll enjoy being with a community of people that think the same way and are as excited to learn as I am.”

Jackson says she chose CEHD and a focus on math and science because of her love of math from a very young age.

“I see a lot of kids struggle and I want to help them think of math as fun instead of hard. I had a really good math teacher in fifth grade and she made math fun for me. I want to be that teacher for others.”

Last year, Jackson was part of the Lohman Learning Community, led by Dr. Cynthia Boettcher, clinical professor of reading education. Dr. Boettcher says she was impressed by Jackson from day one and believes she will make a big impact in the University Scholars program.

“I think she’s going to help bring an understanding of our role as educators and showing others how to relate to people.”

Dr. Boettcher encourages all of her students to get involved, whether it be with University Scholars or another organization on campus.

“They need a voice from the College and they need to know about the impact we have. We need to have our College and what we do known out there.”

Jackson has a piece of advice for anyone interested in joining University Scholars or any other organization.

“Be yourself. In my other interviews I tried that but it didn’t fit in with those clubs. Now that I’m in University Scholars, I’m glad I was myself because I found something that I did fit into. Don’t try to change to what you think those groups want. Be truly yourself.”

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